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When we create art, there is a spark that takes place within us that connects us with our spirit and helps us reclaim the lost parts of ourselves. Creativity leads us beyond ourselves, so be open to the world around you and be ready to be amazed at how art heals.” Alisha K. Duckett


Re-Membering with Art


Art is a shared experience that which is created from both the artists perspective and the viewers interpretation. That is the true beauty of art. Our ability to have a shared experience with that of the artist. Often, in art we can see our own experiences of love, loss, hope, change, vulnerability, when it has been manifested in art form. This can have a powerful effect for the artist creating and  the  viewer who is observing. This can stir up emotions that may have been repressed for both parties. This “release,” can transform an experience and have a “healing” effect. This Re-Membering, is bringing the pieces of ourselves back together as a whole.

When can art take a piece of our lives and record it for us to remember? The idea of “freezing,” time for a moment is what I find so exquisite in art. Art allows me as the artist to slow down, take a deep breath and capture a relationship with time. We are all having amazing moments with life whether we are conscience of it or not, and art for me can capture what I am experiencing in the moment. When I walk around my home and glance at my paintings, they become little recordings of who I was at that moment, what I was thinking, feeling, and experiencing captured in a painting. Part of my soul is in that painting, and the subject that I paint will often carry with it an essence or energy within it that reminds me of something I had reclaimed for myself. That healing or revealing is where my own true artistic expression resides.

Choosing Happiness!

“Some people chase happiness and some people choose happiness.” Robert Holden

Happiness can be an elusive thing.  I was recently painting with my daughter and found what I had been seeking for some time. I felt free for  a moment! Having the ability to put color and shape together completely unobstructed influenced how I painted that day. It shook something loose in me and I had an “Aha,” moment that I have not had in quite awhile. What was it in that moment that freed me up?

Chasing our dreams or choosing happiness is what can be so elusive. Just when you think you are closing in and have your life sketched out a certain way it changes again. That’s what I believe to make both the mystery in  art and life. In life we can feel trapped at times with our circumstances.  That is where living from a truly happy place can begin if we can carve out the precious moments for ourselves every day and art can create that  experience.

Chasing,  the water on paper, following the color, but not too closely. Allowing the strokes spontaneity.  Offering a little bit  of ourselves out with color and optimism so that we can learn more about who we are within. Our life not feeling like a paint by number but rather a life with the desire to continue the “search,” for ourselves and our happiness.

Happiness is always there for us in the moment we just need to shift our awareness so that we can choose to see it. Contentment in the present is where we can quietly observe what we are feeling on the inside.

Happiness for me on this day is sharing hot cocoa on a lazy  afternoon with my daughter , enjoying our art, and smiling and having fun along the way.


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